Maxlrainer Brewery

The Maxlrain Brewery lies in one of the most beautiful areas of upper Bavaria, close of the city of Roseheim and 60 kilometers south of Munich. The landmark of the small village which consists of just a few houses, the brewery and a world class golf course is the Renaissance castle called Castle Maxlrain, which lies just across the road from the brewery. Maxlrain has long practiced brewery handicraft and brews its beers according to traditional recipes and Bavaraian purity requirements. The Maxlrain beers have been annually awarded as being some of Germany’s best beers. Only the finest ingredients are used in creating the Maxlrain beers.

Schloss Gold

Schloss Gold is the best known of all Maxlrainer beers. The unique Maxlrainer brewing water, as well as the conscientious choice of the finest ingredients create its distinctive mild, wholehearted taste and its delightful freshness. The aging process, which lasts 4 to 6 weeks in the cool warehouse cellars of Schlossbrauerei Maxlrain contribute to the harmonious taste of the beer, which has been for many years awarded the gold DLG medallion.


Potus non frangit ieiunium.” – “Drinking does not break the fast“- an ecclesiastical principle to which strong beer owes its origin. The clever monks and castle owners created their strengthening refreshment for the long 40-day fast period before the Easter celebration. Jubilator is a full double-malt beer, which one recognizes in Bavaria by the “-ator” suffix.

Aiblinger Schwarzbier

Brewed in the”Dreimaischverfahren“(a brewing process) from selected dark malt, our Aiblinger Schwarzbier contrasts with every other dark by the typically fine-spicy malt aroma and the lightly rounded taste. The well-balanced bitter from the Hallertauer aromatic hop creates a wholehearted and, nevertheless, not too sweet taste. A traditional, dark bier, created as it once was, in the finest breweries of Bavaria. The Aiblinger Schwarzbier has been awarded the DLG gold for many years.

Leo Weisse

The Maxlrainer Leo Weisse (wheat beer))receives its full character by the traditional, in house, top-fermented yeast. Connoisseurs appreciate the delightful weißbier aroma as soon as the beer is opened. Aged in the brewery’s cellar, the Leo Weisse is unfiltered and is bottled with its cloudy appearance in the cellar. It therefore contains all the good and nutritional elements  of malt and yeast.  Leo Weisse is a refreshing beer specialty, which can be served at every occasion throughout the year.

Castle Maxlrain

A visit to Maxlrain’s hops field with Roland Brager, longtime Brewmaster and now CEO of Maxlrain