The rebirth of Italian quality beer
Birra Amarcord was born in 1997 on the seafront in Rimini, at the dawn of the Italian brewing renaissance that we all know today.   These beers soon attracted attention for the contribution it gave to the rebirth of Italian quality beer, so that it began to be appreciated again by international reviewers and be welcomed not only in the most prestigious places in North America, but also in the United Kingdom, Russia, Spain, France, Denmark, Hong Kong, and South Korea.
The Classic Range

The classic range of Amarcord beers pays homage to the great Italian director Frederico Fellini with a line of beers commemorating the great characters in his 1973 classic film of the same name.
The president of Amarcord adds: “For our beers, we claim a far superior quality level in comparison with the one of industrial beers. We use only top-notch ingredients, from malts to the different types of hops and yeast, by virtue of the adopted styles and never using concentrates and extracts, typical of standardized production”. For preparing its beers, Amarcord draw the pure water they need from a source close to Apecchio, in the Apennines, between Marche, Umbria and Emilia Romagna.
The Beers
Gradisca, The Prima Donna is of course the flagship of this line.  A bottom fermented special lager like its namesake–dreamed of and sought after by everyone! It’s bright gold in color, with a fine hoppiness–refreshing and dry! (5.2% alcohol),


Midòna, This double malted Belgian style pale ale represents the balance of beauty and character in Fellini’s female characters.  This beer is rich with caramel and crystal malts, with significant undertones of yeast, bread dough before its medium hoppy finish accented by notes of sweet spice. (6.5% alcohol),


Volpina. An unpasteurized, strong red beer–similar in style to an English strong ale.  Inspired by one of Fellini’s most important characters (a irresistible woman of easy virtue; beautiful, sensual and seductive) this beer displays warm malt and toffee notes on the nose, delicate lacing and a balance of fruit, caramel and chocolate throughout.  (6.5% alcohol).