Strolling through the Odoardi vineyards awards one magnificent views of the Mediterranean Sea. The Odoardi winery came to great sucess with award winning wines thanks to the help of talented and reknowned winemaker, Stefano Chioccioli.The Odoardi family, with Stefano’s help, are making wine in their Nocera Trinese vineyards near Catanzaro, in the Southern Italian region of Calabria. Following tradition, the Odoardi family still prunes vines in an alberello pattern, the way their ancestors have since the 3rd century BC. Instead of being trellised, the plants are clipped to resemble small trees allowing the grapes to ripen more evenly and to produce more powerful juice.   Check with Siema office for current vintages

Polpicello Scavigna

Savuto Rosso


Tramonte Sauvuto Rosso