Borgo Viscone

Squeezed between the Alps and the Adriatic sea, the vineyards of Borgo Viscone provide us this private label developed for exclusively for Siema Wines. From the beautiful vineyard of Grave` del Friuli comes this beautiful line of wines, all classic. These vineyards are a true representation of the clean and fresh fruit this region is known for. The vineyards truly represent the true characteristic of these appellations. The round pebbles in the soil, brought in by the wild and unpredictable rivers cutting through the region impart an airy soil with more oxygen penetration and at the same time radiate the heat from the day sun and late afternoon sun down into the soil, bringing a steady heat to the vines, thier roots, and their fruit– creating some exquisite wines.

Cabernet [2007]Shelf Talker

Chardonnay [2008]Shelf Talker

Friulano [2008]Shelf Talker

Merlot [2007]Shelf Talker

Pinot Grigio [2008]Shelf Talker

Sauvignon [2008]Shelf Talker