Casale del Giglio

Casale del Giglio Estate is owned by the Santarelli family, passed down from generation to generation. The estate is located near the town of Latina, 30 miles south of Rome, and operates in an unusual way for an Italian estate. The winemaking is a collaborative effort with a team of experts who aim to understand how the overall quality of the wine production could be improved through an understanding of the existing ecosystem and its untapped potential for development. Their research has resulted in some common grape varietals being abandoned in favor of others with a greater potential for producing quality wine. Using the canopy style of cultivation, traditional planting methods have been replaced by limited plant density of up to 5000 vines per hectare.  Check with Siema office for current vintages

 Satricio [Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Trebbiano Giallo]

In addition to being the growing area for all of these wines, the land around Casale del Giglio is also the site of the ruins of the pre-Roman city of Satricum, from which the wine takes its name. Dry, fruity and faintly aromatic on the nose, Satrico offers a mineral crispness on the palate and a lengthy finish.

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Petit Manseng 

Normally associated with the foothills of Rome, the Petit Manseng grape, from which this wine is produced, has adapted perfectly to the unfamiliar environment of the Agro Pontin. Aromatic, fruity and spicy on the nose, fresh, crip and tany on thepalate, this exquisitely structured wine bows out on a seductive, fruit-filled finish.

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Made from 100% Viognier grapes cultivated from vines growing on the Tyrrheanian sea coast, this is a deep yellow wine with seductive aromas of peaches and apricots mingled with a twist of citrus. This wine’s rich, creamy texture is perfectly balanced by crisp yet subtle mineral notes.

Petit Verdot

This deep crimson wine displays an intense, lingering aroma of red berry fruit, cherry, myrtle and juniper. Elegant and full-bodied, with rich and velvety tannins, the wine presents a spicy, white peppery finish.

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