The Durin family winery is wedged into the very bottom of Ortovero Valley in Liguria and its vineyards climb the steep mountainside behind the cantina.  Laura and Antonio Basso live and work on the property with their two young children, having inherited the winery from Antonio’s father and grandfather.  Winemaking and grape growing in Liguria is a particular challenge due to the rough, steep terrain.  The grapes are grown on shallow mountain terraces and most harvest operations are performed by hand.  The Durin wines are known throughout Italy for their award-winning quality and their firm commitment to the art of Ligurian winemaking.  Check with Siema office for current vintages


PigatoGrapes grown in the Ortovero Valley, the cradle of the Pigato grape, the nearness of the sea gives an intense fruity bouquet, it is a dry yet soft-to-the-taste, straw-yellow colored wine with persistent notes of ripe peach, honey. Round on the palate and full-bodied with excellent persistence and background. Excellent with seafood risotto and pastas, fish, shrimp, vegetable quiches, chicken dishes.

GrannaciaClear with an intense garnet red color; intense and persistant to the nose with fine wild berry notes. Dry, fresh and rich; full-bodied as well as tannic, with a slightly woody aftertaste. Intense bouquet with great round character. Perfect with mushroom dishes, roast chicken and game, light to medium cheeses. Best with 2 to 4 years aging.

OrmeascoIntense ruby red with purple reflections when young, made from 100% Ormeasco grapes. Fragrant and persistent to the nose with scents of berries and violet. Dry, soft and pleasant to the taste, medium-bodied. Excellent with meat dishes such as stews, sausages, roasts and soft cheeses.

Ormeasco Sciac-tra`

Wine with a coral rose` color, ,made from 100% Ormeasco grapes, this is delicate, fruity aroma with notes of wild berry and cherry.  The name “Sciac-tra`” is from the Ligurian dialect indicating that this wine is made with a traditional regional method of pressing the grapes and then removing the peels immediately. Pleasant, dry, harmonic, soft and light to the taste. Ideal with appetizers, pasta with pesto, chicken dishes, grilled poultry, fish.

RosseseLight ruby red while intense, persistent fruity to the nose with scents of rose, berries, made from 100% Rossese grapes. Dry and rich to the taste but soft and warm, medium-bodied and lightly tannic. Excellent with pastas, risottos with meat sauces, veal, mushroom dishes, roasted game, fish soup stews.  Best after one to two years of aging.


This is a dry white wine with a delicate nose, fresh and subtle, with herbs, wild flowers and honey flavors. Perfect with seafood appetizers, pastas, and risottos, vegetables, pesto and white fish.