La Teneca

The fruit is sourced from a single vineyard, planted exclusively in Merlot and Cab Sauvignon almost 30 years ago by a German man who moved from Germany to the Monferrato area of Piemonte. He is a passionate grower, and is only interested in growing perfect grapes, but in a quirky way, he is not interested in making wine. This is where Emanuele Gaiarin and Massimo Lovisolo stepped in. They source the grapes from this quirky character and developed these wines with an eye towards a modern style, approachable and elegant. From here, the brand La Teneca was born.  Check with Siema office for current vintages


Aromas of black currant and dried herb notes, best with chicken dishes and pastas.

Cabernet SauvignonHerb tinged framework with currant and tobacco notes. Best with roasted red meats, aged cheeses and sausages.