Lago Bava

Lago Bava is a unique wine created by the talented Gabriele Bava and his wife Michaela Lago.  Each year they only produce 12 barrels of wine. Gabrielle uses whole cluster fermentation, and after fermentation he employs Batonage, a system that is used in Burgundy just for white wines. Gabrielle puts the wine in the barrel with leaves and soil and any sediment because he believes that it is part of the wine and it matches the wine to the vineyards. Usually while the wine is in the barrels the sediment falls to the bottom of the barrel. Gabrielle then stirs the sediment back into the wine to give it character. He does this every 2 weeks for 24 months.

Lago Bava Monferrato Rosso

A blend of barbera, cabernet sauvignon, it is barrel aged for 24 months in small french oak. It is left on its lees in a unique method “batonage” which makes it extremely elegant and enormously complex. Absolutely mandatory to open the bottle at least three hours prior to consumption.