Mottura is one of the most important wineries in the entire Salento area,within the region of Puglia. The Mottura family maintains traditions and grow varietals such as Primitivo and Negroamaro vines that are rooted in ancient regional tradition of Puglia. The estate is managed and run by Pascuale, the patriarch of the family, and his young daughter, Barbara, a graduate of enology school in Bologna, oversees and carefully tends to the making of the wines.

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Wine obtained from Verdeca Bianco di Alesssano, Bombino Bianco e Malvasia grapes, it has notes of fresh almonds, magnolia flowers and fresh herbs. It is ideal with seafood, white meat dishes and pasta with cream sauces.


This refreshing red is filled with ripe flavors of dark berries fruit complemented by a medium body, and a soft, velvety finish laced with a hint of white pepper and lengthy tannins. To the nose it is full and very intense, persistent long-lasting with the sharp notes of berries. This is a wine to be served throughout the meal. Excellent with pizza, sharp/full-fat cheeses, hearty dishes with tomato sauce as well as roasts and all savory foods.

Primitivo Di Manduria Villa Mottura

From the easternmost part of Italy (the heel), and one of the most prolific wine producing areas since Phoenician times, the Primitivo grape produces rich, dark, fruity wine of distinctive character. Known as the father of Zinfandel, this wine shows similar qualities without the “jammy” mouth feel of the California style; a pronounced vinuous quality is readily apparent on the nose, followed by a collage of flavors. Bright plums and burnt cherries are complimented by pepper spice and laced with mineral notes. A full- bodied wine, great with barbecued meats, roasts, game, and hearty pasta sauces.

Primitivo di Mottura Le Giuse

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Salice Rosato

Made with negroamaro and Malvasia near grapes, it has notes of strawberries, red cherries, and sugar coated roasted almonds. Ideal with crustaceous, either raw or made with white wine, and light pastas with vegetables.

Salice Salentino Rosso

From a small hill town on the heel of the Italian peninsula comes this elegant and powerful red that shows concentrated flavors of plums and black cherries balanced out by six months of aging in small oak barrels. A versatile wine that complements any meal, from pizza to ossobuco.

Rose Negroamaro Salento