Brunetti (Azienda Agricola Brunetti)

The Brunetti farm is located at Collemezzano in the municipal district of Cecina, in the province of Livorno. Comprised of over 25 hectares of land, it is cultivated in orchards, olive groves and vineyards. Harvest begins in the beginning of September, when the grapes reach the right degree of ripening. The grapes are picked by hand, collected in boxes and carried in the wine cellar, which begins the wine-making process and in the end the bottling, everything supervised with greatest care by oenologists and the owner, Luigi Brunetti. The wine is produced by the best types of vines for the region: Sangiovese, Cabernet, Syrah,Chardonnay, Fiano and Greco. Because of the vicinity to the sea as well as the warm and dry climate, to the vines is conferred a unique taste. Some wines are destined for aging in barrique barrels and have to undergo a refinement in the bottle.   Check with Siema office for current vintages.

Brunetti Sangiovese
Only the Tuscan Sangiovese grape grows on the rich soil of Tuscany and is ripened by the Tuscan sun reflecting in the sea. The harvest takes place in the second half of September. This wine has an intense red colour with a deep shade towards black and has sweet scents of mature fruits with a mark of cacao and liquorice, opening with the time. On the palate there is a good concentration of sweet tannins that make it fuller with a long persistence.
Brunetti Toscana Rosso
The nearness to the sea gives the Sangiovese, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes all their vigour. The vintage starts in the beginning of September in two phases: the less mature grapes are selected and placed in small steel tanks for the carbonic maceration; the grapes are harvested at the moment of their physiological maturity and after the removal of the grape stalks, the traditional maceration is performed. At the moment of the drawing off wine from the vat, wine is filled into wood barrels to undergo the process of malolactic fermentation. Afther that, the wines are mixed together and will refine for at least 12 months in stainless steel tanks. After that will be performed a first leakage and bottled, where the wine will refine until May. It is a wine of medium to high body with character, of a flaming ruby-red colour, fruity and persistent scents.
Elisabetta Vermentino
This type of vine has always been cultivated along the Tuscan coast. It takes from the hot and dry climate all the richness of long-lived vines with a fragrance of fruit and flowers.
The Vermentino vineyards of the Brunetti winery are those nearer to the sea then most. The grape harvest is performed by hand and the grapes are softly pressed without removing the stalks. After a short settling time, the wine ferments by controlled temperature. The bottling takes place at the beginning of the year, to keep best the variety of all the fragrances.
The colour of this wine is straw yellow reflections of  sweet honey scents. On the palate the wine shows a good acidity and an agreeable structure.
Elisabetta Aulo Rose
The grapes that make this wine are the same used for the Aulo Rosso. However, the peels are left in contact with the must for just a few hours. In this way it is possible to obtain a wine rich of the typical Maremma scents.  The wine has a vivid rose-colour with light violet shades. The scents, on first impact, are floral with agreeable scents of ripe fruits like blackberries and raspberries. On the palate there is an agreeable sensation of delicacy that seems to be nearly sweet. On the finish, the joviality of the wine does express best the well balanced and well-bodied acid vein.