La Crotta di Vegneron

Val d’Aosta is one of the last unexplored frontiers in the wine world. Located in the Alpine mountain chain straddling Italy and France, wine making has been a tradition in this region since the Middle Ages. The cooperative, La Crotta, was established in 1980 in the zone of Chambave e Nus.

Made in the traditional method, this wine is creamy, elegant and has a fine perlage (tiny bubbles.). Copper and gold in color, it is an ideal wine for an elegant evening. The name of this wine comes from the 4478 meters elevation of the Matterhorn, where it is cellared.
Vinified and refined for six monthg in stainless steel, this is ruby red in color, bright with violet hues. It has an intense and persistent nose: floral and fruity. Dry, light and soft taste with a well structured finish, this is an ideal wine to pair with salami, meat and stews.
Chambave Moscat
Made from 100% Muscat a petit grains. After partial cold skin maceration, this wine is vinified in stainless steel and then refined also in stainless steel for six months. Straw yellow in color with pale green hues, this is a wine of big impact, refined, aromatic, floral and fruity with apricot, sage, thyme, and peach flavors. Fresh, aromatic and elegant finish, is is an excellent wine for before or after a meal. Also great with sushi, seafood salads and appetizers.
Made with 100 % Fumin grapes, a varietal found only in the Val d’Aosta region. It is vinified in steel and aged in both small and large barrels for 12 months. Deep red color verging on ruby with violet hues, it is spicy and floral with vanilla, white pepper, cloves and red fruit notes. The taste is warm and soft with fresh, elegant tannins. It is well balanced with a substantial intensity and persistent closure. Goes well with succulent red meats and medium to aged cheese.
Muller Thurgau
Made with 100% Muller Thurgau grapes. After partial cold skin mceration this wine is vinified and refined in stainless steel for six months. Intense, persistent and fruity on the nose, it has notes of ripe apples and figs. Fresh, dry, medium-bodied mineral taste. Serve with appetizers, soups, white meats, spicy, herb dishes.
Pinot Noir Red
Made from 100% Pinot Noir grapes, this wine is vinified and fermented in stainless steel for eight months. Ruby red in color, it has bright, intense and persistent nose with fruity and floral notes. This wine is well balanced with light tannins. Excellent with salami, turkey and chicken dishes, soups and stewed meat dishes.
Pinot Noir White
Made from 100% Pinot Noir grapes. After partial cold skin maceration, this wine if vinified using white wine methods and refined for five months in stainless steel. Copper colored with rosy hues, it is intense, persistent, and fruity on the nose. Well-balanced, dry, and warm with a pleasant freshness and lightly tannic sensation. Excellent with dried meats, hams and cheeses.
A sparking white wine with refeshing fruit flavors and backbone of minerality and freshness. It has an aromatic nose and a light copper color. It is perfect with appetizers to start off the evening, or to enjoy after a meal.
Nus Malvoisie
Made from 100% Pinot Gris grapes, this wine is vinified and refined for six months in stainless steel. Straw yellow and brightly colored, it is intense, persistent and fruity on the nose with notes of ripe pear, apple and honey. Full and dry taste, well structured, great with appetizers and white meat dishes.