Rubines Vinum (Alumina & Ovo)

Pazo Alumiña is an old chateau surrounded by vineyards in the town of Arbo, a famous fishing town where wines are less acid and richer in mouth. Alfredo Alvarez is the grower, winemaker, bottler and seller of these wines. It is a very small cellar making some of the most unique wines around.

Alumina (Blend of Albarino and Treixadura) The intensity of the floral aromas of Albarino are well balanced by the complex, elegant Treixadura grape. This wine reflects really well the style of the Rias Baixas wines, and it is perfect to match any starters, fish, and above all, seafood.

Ovo (100% Albarino) Ovo means egg in Gaelician. This is one of the most unique whites in Spain. Made in an egg-shaped concrete tank, where the wine is aged for some months.  The special shape allows the lees to be floating in the aging wine in a constant movement, creating a complex wine.  This is not to be taken as a normal white; benefits enormously with decanting.  Unoaked.