The Delea winery is nestled in the mountainous Ticino region of Switzerland. It was founded in 1983 by Angelo Delea who was inspired by the Bordeaux style of wine-making with the refinement in Carati (barriques) made of excellent French oak-wood from Allier and Nevers. The new and spectacular cellar includes the wine-shop, the most modern cellar of wine-making and the distillery from where various grappas and fruit distillates are produced.

Merlot del Mago

Gudo MerlotShelf Talker

La Quercia MerlotShelf Talker

Carato Merlot 

San Carlo Merlot LocarneseShelf Talker

Ismaro MerlotShelf Talker

Marengo MerlotShelf Talker

Marengo BiancoShelf Talker

Fragolino RossoShelf Talker

Fragolino BiancoShelf Talker

Charme Spumante BrutShelf Talker

Chiar di Luna White MerlotShelf Talker