In spring 2013, two friends decided to develop, with certain ideas they have of vine and wine, the great potential of this little known but exquisite Valais region of Switzerland.

By acquiring one of the largest caves in Charrat, they set up an ambitious program by creating the Renaissance cellar. With this tool, which perfectly combines modernity and tradition, the owners are given the means to achieve the goals-oriented high-end wines, signed authenticité. The young winemaker Ludovic Zermatten, who built his reputation with reputable wineries for twenty years, has been investing executive vinification and aging of wines with rigor and creativity and with skill and enthusiasm.

The close contact that the new management has established with its 400 suppliers of grapes and the development of a master winemakers core areas concerned (ten Parchets over 3 hectares in one piece) places Renaissance among the leaders of Valais wine economy.

Fendant AOC Valais

Gamay AOC VAlais

Humagne Roughe AOC

Malvoisie AOC

Renaissance Syrah retro rev plaisir_contre2015Syrah AOC