Established in 1974, Tedeschi Vineyards specializes in wines produced from both pineapple and grapes. Sustainably grown Maui Gold pineapples are used in both the sparkling and still wine. Popular among visitors to Maui, Tedeschi wines offer a taste of the Islands here on the mainland.

Maui Blanc Pineapple NV

An incredible dry champagne method sparkling wine made from Maui Gold pineapples. Aromas of white flowers and pineapple perfume, crisp and refreshing. Perfect for pairing with a variety of seafood dishes and creates interesting sparkling cocktails.

Hula O Maui Sparkling Pineapple (Traditional Method) NV

Slightly off-dry still pineapple wine with loads of pineapple fruit flavor, with just a hint of sweetness. Great for sangria, cocktails or a patio sipper.

Maui Splash Pineapple Passionfruit NV

Semi-sweet still pineapple wine pineapple wine splashed with a touch of passion fruit. Vibrant aromas of sweet pineapple, yellow peaches, ripe mango & passion fruit. A wine for any occasion – an aperitif, the perfect pairing for fresh fruit and soft cheeses, delightful with desserts and just the right wine for sipping on the beach or poolside. Also makes an incredible sangria—just add fruit and top with sparkling wine!