Stone Hill




Nestled among the rolling hillsides of the Missouri River, in a countryside reminiscent of Germany’s Rhine Valley, is the little town of Hermann, founded in the early 1800s by a German settlement club. Perched prominently on one of these hills, with a commanding view of the village, is Stone Hill Winery. Established in 1847, Stone Hill grew to be the second largest winery in the United States. The wines were world renowned, winning gold medals in eight world’s fairs, including Vienna in 1873 and Philadelphia in 1876. Prohibition shuttered the winery until 1965, when Jim and Betty Held bought the property and began the long process of restoring its picturesque buildings and vaulted underground cellars, which are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Today, Stone Hill is an American wine making icon, known for its red wines from the grape Norton. Check with Siema office for current vintages

Bottle Deal Blanc de Blancs

An elegant Blanc de Blancs is made in the traditional French method and hand riddled. Crisp and delicate, with notes of green apple, citrus peel and toasted brioche. Made from 100% Vidal Blanc grapes.

Brut Rose NV

An elegant Brut Rose made in the traditional French method and hand riddled. Crisp and delicate, with notes of raspberry, strawberry, citrus peel and toasted brioche. Made from Vidal Blanc and Chambourcin grapes.

Vidal Blanc

Crisp and fruity dry style of Vidal Blanc that is very reminiscent of Pinot Grigio. Loads of green apple and green pear fruit with lemon-citrus on the finish. Perfect for oysters, sushi and fresh salads.


Vignoles (veen-yole) is Missouri’s premier white wine grape variety. Think of it as a cross between Riesling and Viognier. Lush aromas of pineapple, white peach and kaffir lime plus honeysuckle and orange blossom dancing across the finish; medium bodied. Great with fruit driven salads, oily seafood and spicy Thai dishes. Hint of sweetness.


Missouri’s answer to Pinot Noir with lively cherry compote and wild berry notes intertwined with roasted coffee, black pepper and toasted vanilla; medium bodied. Pair with grilled salmon, pork or lamb.

Estate Norton

Norton is Missouri’s signature red grape variety and often compared to the great wines of southern Europe. Notes of black cherry, red plum and boysenberry coupled with black pepper and leather with a clean finish; Medium-full bodied. Pairs best with game meats, lamb or even a nice juicy Rib-Eye.

Cross J Vineyard Norton

Stone Hill’s flagship single-vineyard Norton wine with intense notes of black cherry and plum intermingled with espresso, leather and toasted nuts. Rich and full-bodied, this wine is not for the faint of heart. Limited availability

Jacquesse Kick N’ Berry Rose

Just for fun, Stone Hill presents their Jacquesse wild berry flavored rose wine. Nothing complicated, just an easy drinking, summer quaffer with natural wild berry flavors and around 3% residual sugar.