Little Washington Winery

Little Washington Winery is tucked right into the sweet spot of Virginia Wine Country, high on the northeastern edge of Skyline Drive at Shenandoah National Park. The property’s Southeast facing slopes are the perfect orientation for vineyards. Blue Ridge Mountains catch the breezes to fend off spring frosts, protect the grapes from disease and splash full morning sun on the vines.

Owners Carl and Donna Henrickson started making wine as a hobby in 2003. By the time it came time to retire, the hobby had become an obsession to perfect one bottle of wine and protect a gorgeous 25 acre parcel of farmland in the beautiful Virginia countryside. In November of 2011 Little Washington Winery officially opened a tasting room to share the adventure. The Henricksons are dedicated to sustainable winegrowing practices and handcrafting small-batch old world style natural wines from their own vineyards and from the most coveted appellations in Virginia.

Shenandoah Steel Chardonnay

Named the #3 white wine in Virginia, Little Washington Winery’s Shenandoah Steel Chardonnay is pure elegance in a bottle. Cluster pressed grapes, crisp acidity and delicate hints of pear and melon evoke the Old World style of the Chablis region of Burgundy. We’ve captured the essence of the Chardonnay grape with this bottling. Never touched by oak barrels, this wine is at the forefront of the trend for bright, crisp, refreshing wine that lets the fruit shine without oak influence. Delicious on its own and with a variety of dishes. Pair this wine up with anything a chef would bring out with a lemon and it will be a perfect pairing.

Old World Oak Chardonnay

Little Washington Winery’s Old World Oak Chardonnay went through malalactic fermentation to give it a creamy buttery nuance, then was aged ‘sur lie’ for 6 months to enhance the silky texture, while keeping the pure, fruit-focused expression. Floral, fresh ginger and mineral nuances lace expansive fruity flavors that become increasingly interesting and complex as the wine warms in the glass. This wine pairs nicely with seafood and salad and can cross over to richer dishes like chicken and Alfredo sauces too!

Meet Virginia Viognier

Honeysuckle, citrus blossom, gardenias and peaches ~ Garden meets orchard in a glass of Little Washington Winery’s Virginia Viognier. Emerging from the tiny Rhone appellation in Condrieu, Viognier is making a comeback from near extinction and has become a rising star as Virginia’s signature grape. This is one temperamental, highly sensitive, unpredictable grape. If picked too early, she fails to display her full profile of flavors and aromas; picked too late she makes wines that are oily and lacking in perfume. Treat her just right, and a seductive, exuberant, unbelievably rich white wine, with an alluring bouquet of expressive floral aromas and powerful flavors of peach, apricot and mango comes through. A round and lush texture on the palate with little acidity makes her the perfect match with foods flavored with fruit salsa and grilled seafood. Balancing flamboyance with crispness, Virginia Viognier is the perfect garden party playmate.

Pink Cadillac Cabernet Franc Rosé

Little Washington Winery’s Pink Rosé is a Classic. This style Rosé hits the high notes with a nervy nostalgic edge. Gorgeously salmon-colored with nuances of strawberry, raspberry, cranberry and citrus that instantly evoke fond memories of the top-down days of Summer. One sip of this and your mind might just start to wandering back to a tune about a pink cadillac. Nice touch of acidity on the finish. This wine is 100% Cabernet Franc iso chill it down and pair it up with all of the Summer grill out favorites – it’ll go perfect with grilled burgers, chicken and seafood, and it can cross over to the potato salad and watermelon too!

Funky Flamingo Syrah Rosé

Little Washington Winery’s Syrah based Rosé is sassy, vibrant and on the bolder, spicy end of the Rosé spectrum because of the Syrah grape. Deep ruby color. Notes of white pepper, cherry and peach skin. Slightly off dry with 1.8% residual sugar (RS) to enhance ageability and balance acidity. Which foods pair best with Rosés? The question is almost beside the point. Rosés are made for warm summer evenings, dinner outdoors with friends and laughter. Serve food that fits those kinds of settings and you’re on the right road. Endless possibilities for pairing. Think tomato salads, salamis, veggies right off the grill. This one is perfect for the bigger steaks on the grill because it is Syrah. Rosés love brash flavors: salty, a little spicy, redolent of summer herbs like basil and oregano, and, of course, garlic. Olives, cured with cumin and garlic or baked with herbs? Of course. Prosciutto and melon? Perfect. Toasts with tapenade? Even better. Best served slightly warmer than fridge temperature in a red wine glass.

George Meritage Blend

Little Washington Winery’s signature red, George, is a Meritage blend! George has been named the #1 red wine in Virginia, is often voted best red wine in show, and is a frequent ringer of the “Guess the $100 Bordeaux” blind tasting class. Dominated by Cabernet Sauvignon, soft tannins and concentrated fruit give this 40% Cabernet Sauvignon, 30% Merlot and 30% Cabernet Franc blend perfectly balanced flavor and body with a smooth, silky texture and complex, robust structure. Dark cherry and plum flavors settle into tertiary flavors of violets, chocolate, licorice, truffles, tobacco leaf, smoke and spice. Silky texture. Nice width and depth on the palate.

Cabernet Franc

Little Washington Winery’s Cabernet Franc presents an understated elegance that can be savored with food or saved for after dinner chocolates and cigars. The nose evokes roasted red pepper, jalapeño, sweet raspberry compote and wet gravel. On the palate moderately high acidity and moderately low tannin bring out flavors of sour cherry, smoky tomato, dried oregano, sweet pepper and mint. The taste bursts through your palate and drops out quickly with a subtle tingle from the acidity. Pair with salmon, mushrooms, ham – salt in the meat works to lessen the impression of tannin & acid allowing the flavors to come through; or lamb – cooked with mint sauce – the mint is a bridge to the wine’s characteristic mint qualities.

Que Syrah

Little Washington Winery’s full bodied syrah explodes with tart dark fruit flavors. When you taste it you’ll be greeted with a punch of flavor that tapers off into nuances of savory black olive, pepper, clove, rosemary, tobacco, herbs and smoke with a spicy, peppery finale in the after taste. This is one very nice Syrah from Virginia. With its massive, spicy full-bodied taste it pairs perfectly with bold, spicy foods … anything from a blue cheese burger to barbecue.