Morli Neri  

Tuscany, Italy


       About Morli Neri

     Morli Neri is a private brand crafted by Emanuele Gaiarin in cooperation with the winemakers of Castelli del Grevepesa.

     Castelli del Grevepesa was established in 1965 by a group of 18 viticulturists from Tuscany on the initiative of Cavalier Gualtiero Armando Nunzi . Their intent was to create a solid reality within which, in a single common goal, more people came from the various territories of the Chianti Classico Fiorentino to keep intact the centuries-old traditions of Tuscan viticulture, the territory and the farming customs . Since its foundation, the objective has been pursued to produce high quality wines in compliance with the strict laws of the Law and of the Gallo Nero Corsorzio, making a careful selection of the grapes.

     The Castelli del Grevepesa is the first producer for the quantity and terroirs of Chianti Classico . All the members of the winery are scrupulously guided, throughout the year and up to the harvest, by our Agronomists, who have the task of monitoring the status of the vineyards and intervene, if necessary, according to the season. The grapes, which are totally conferred by the members of the Castelli del Grevepesa, are controlled, upon arrival in the cellar, in their own laboratory. All stages of production, from the vineyard to the bottling, take place under the supervision of our General Director, Agronomist and Oenologist Ugo Pagliai .

     Vinification is a very complex phase, since until the final assembly, the wines of the various areas / vineyards are kept separately, since each individual production area can express its organoleptic characteristics, only in this way it is possible to operate. The Castelli del Grevepesa is the only company that can boast such a wide range of wines produced from grapes coming from different Chiantigiani terroirs and totally produced in our cellar.


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