Castilla y leon, Spain


                About Lora

     Lora is the eco project of the young winemaker Miguel Merino Navajas, who makes Rioja’s boutique wines ‘Miguel Merino’ along with his father. Miguel, a big supporter of Ecological Agriculture, began to work a vineyard and converted it into organic to create a small range of modern organic wines. The result is Lora: fresh, fruity wines that convey all the sun, joy and excitement from Spain.

     Lora Wines come from an astonishing place: the region of Cuenca, in the eastern end of La Mancha. Here, the high plateau that dominates the center of Spain, is at its highest altitude, the soils are rocky and the weather turns cold. Pine and holm trees start to climb towards the near mountains and the vines struggle to survive between the warm sunny days and the desert cold nights.


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