Veneto, Italy


           About Merotto

      Graziano Merotto’s farm has strong ties to the land around Col San Martino, a Prosecco DOCG wine–producing area where vines have been cultivated for more than 2000 years. Here the love for the land runs through the veins of wine producers like sap in the vines themselves. Graziano Merotto works his vines by hand following in a rich tradition passed down through the generations from father to son and as far back as the early 1900s Agostino Merotto was well known for the quality of his Prosecco.

     Graziano has also been given a natural talent to really know the land and its strengths, to intuitively understand the development of the vine through every season, the ripeness of the grapes, the first taste of Superiore. These rare gifts mean that the history of the winery, though filled with the deep-rooted wine growing traditions of the family, reflects the personality of Graziano Merotto and his deep love for his vines.

     In March 1972, he founded his winery starting to make sur lie wines using Prosecco grapes. The Olchera was the first vineyard he owned when as a young wine maker he was already profoundly aware of the importance of good vineyard management. In 1973 he purchased the Particella 86 which over the years the winery has reclaimed from the woods. In the years between 1975 and 1979 from Pinto Bianco and Pinot Nero grapes grown in the prestigious Trentino area, the Merotto winery started producing wines using the metodo classico. In 1978 Graziano bought his first autoclave and the Charmat Martinotti method would go hand-in-hand with the metodo classico until 1986. From the end of the 1980s to today, with constant dedication and hard work as well as substantial investments including the purchase of new high-quality vineyards, Graziano Merotto has reached many of his aims.

     Today Merotto is considered one of the best producers of Prosecco Superiore DOCG, a wine he produces from his own vineyards or from suppliers who work vines in the same hills. His dedication has been acknowledged with the award of numerous prizes including, recently, the coveted Tre Bicchieri del Gambero Rosso for the Riserva del Fondatore “Graziano Merotto”.