Umbria, Italy


            About Barbi

     In 1932, the Barbi winery was founded. Since the very beginning Enzo Barbi, the patriarch, strived for quality and within a short period of time the brand became renowned. The estate is located in Baschi while the commercial headquarters are in Roncadelle. For the Barbi family wine is continuous research, experimentation & co-operation both with nature & technology resulting in truly remarkable wines. Besides cherishing their own production, the Barbi's choose and buy must and grapes from selected growers on a contract basis, and a team of skilled technicians supervise the advanced method of vinification & refining.

     The company’s production philosophy leans towards the use of indigenous varietals of central Italy, even though lately, in a couple of wines, two international varietals have been employed. From a commercial viewpoint, care is taken in presenting to different worldwide markets affordable wines, while maintaining a high level of quality.

     The present size of the winery, still family-owned, allows an efficient and well organized management; a well consolidated market position in more than 30 countries and constantly growing appreciation of a highly qualified clientele are the best reward.